Chia Seeds

Native to Central and Southern Mexico, Chia seeds are tiny grey seeds with monochrome markings and oval in shape. These are the edible seeds of a flowering plant that comes from the Mint family. One...
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Moringa Powder

Moringa is a herb derived from the drought-resistant Moringa Oleifera of the Indian subcontinent. Rich in medicinal and water purification properties, it’s a superfood herb that is used in an array of preparations, whether as...
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Quinoa Seeds | Kanocha Beej | Phyllanthus Maderapatensis

Quinoa Seeds

‘The Gift of Gods,’ ‘Mother Grain;’ Quinoa seeds have been referred to by many names throughout the ages, each apt to define this superfood. Rich in dietary fiber, protein, B vitamins, minerals, and a whole...
Rs. 162.00
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