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Moringa or ‘The Miracle Tree’ is a nutritious food that infuses life into the skin and boosts the immune system to create a protective shield around the body. EARTHFOOD’S Moringa Powder is created by crushing the best leaves into a fine powder, to create a superfood that matches up to the 21st-century marathon lifestyle.

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About Moringa Powder

Moringa is a herb derived from the drought-resistant Moringa Oleifera of the Indian subcontinent. Rich in medicinal and water purification properties, it’s a superfood herb that is used in an array of preparations, whether as a crunchy snack or as a part of a delicious soup. It creates an armour of good health around the body.

EARTHFOOD’S Moringa Powder undergoes various tests and ensures the procedure is gentle enough to retain the purity of the actually plucked herbs. It’s a solution to your hectic lifestyle, packaged in the most practical format so that you can consume it in whichever, whatever way you want.

    The many benefits of Moringa Powder

    • Boosts energy
    • Improves concentration
    • Controls blood sugar levels
    • Lowers bad cholesterol
    • Detoxifies
    • Treats anxiety and depression
    • Prevents malnourishment in babies
    • Improves immunity
    • Treats fungal infections
    • Prevents ageing
    • Even-tones the skin
    • Heals wounds and removes marks
    • Prevents hair loss
    • Helps with weight management

    How to use Moringa Powder for optimum health?

    Begin your day on a healthy note by making Moringa tea. Just add 1-2 teaspoon of Moringa Powder in hot water and add a non-calorie sweetener of your choice.

    Add Moringa Powder to your omelette preparations to add a punch of good health to your nutritious breakfast.

    Add a tablespoon of Moringa Powder to half mashed banana, add one tablespoon of honey and two teaspoons of tea tree oil. You can use this recipe both as a face mask and a hair mask

    Why is EARTHFOOD’S Moringa Powder?

    High source of vitamins and minerals

    Coagulant agent

    Safe for people of all ages

    Rich in iron and calcium


    Rich in antioxidants

    Sustainably sourced

    Hygienic process

    No pesticides and chemicals

    How is EARTHFOOD’S Moringa Powder Processed for you?

    EARTHFOOD’S Moringa Powder is plucked from the best plants and curated into a fine-milled powder, using the best industry practices. Transform your lifestyle, one spoon of Moringa Powder at a time.

    Step 1:
    We have a team of experts that identifies the best moringa trees and plucks the best branches.

    Step 2:
    These branches are then cleaned to get rid of any dirt, debris or bacteria therein. The blanching method is used to clean the leaves so that the nutrient profile of moringa is not destroyed.

    Step 3:
    After the cleaning process, the leaves are left to dry in shade, away from direct sunlight.

    Step 4:
    Now is the time to strip the leaves from the branches. We then create the fine powder using mortar and pestle. The resultant powder is then strained to remove any blockage or twig that may have escaped the procedure.

    Frequently asked questions

    Q1. Can pregnant and lactating mothers take moringa powder?
    A. Moringa powder is a rich source of iron and calcium and is highly-recommended for pregnant mothers and even those who are lactating. A dosage of around six teaspoons per day is recommended. However, it is always the best practice to consult with your doctor before consuming anything new.

    Q2. How can moringa powder help improve stamina?
    A. Moringa powder is rich in antioxidants, minerals and phytonutrients which helps in improving concentration and boosting stamina. It helps increase endurance while working out, which makes it a great supplement for athletes. It also helps in weight management and aids fitness.

    Q3. Can you use moringa powder to prevent hair fall?
    A. Moringa powder is rich in vitamin A that helps in fresh hair growth and maintenance of the existing mane. It is also rich in the minerals and amino acids that help with the formation of keratin protein that strengthens hair follicles. Further, the presence of vitamin B6 and folic acid prevent hair loss. Overall, regular consumption of moringa powder in your diet helps you get thicker and healthier hair. You can even use it as a part of your hair mask.