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Our famrs and pack-house adhere Global GAP practices ensuring world class procedures are followed keeping utmost care about health and hygine
To keep the nutrientional values intact, we ensure our products have minimal human touch and are transported hygienically
All our products are free from any type of chemicals and are produced and packed without interference of modern toxins
We have a state of art exclusive unit where our own residue free vegetables are dehydrated and packed
The cow-shed at one of our farms has the rarest breeds of indegenous cows where they freely graze consuming a healthy natural diet

Our Produce

At Earth Food, we take our produce very seriously. Our vegetables and fruits are grown at our very own farms that following European Global GAP Practices. Quality of produce is paramount ! and we take utmost care to ensure the produce is naturally grown, free from any contaminiation and with minimal human touch to keep the nutritional values intact. Mantaining the health and hygine of our produce we ensure they reach to the comforts of your home within 8 hours from the time of harvest in special AC Vans. Choose Earth Food for nutrition rich, delicious produce from the healthiest and cleanest sources.

Our Farm

Our farms are spread across eco-friendly ~250 acres in 3 seperate locations of Malthan, Belwandi and Talegaon far from the hustle and bustle of city. Right from seeding to hand picking, our vegetables and fruits enjoy some of the special perks and an absolute pure pollution-free enviroment. We aim to have our consumers enjoying a wholesome experience when digging in to our farm fresh harvest. Earth Food is the easiest choice to make. Leave all your vegetable needs to us!

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