Jaggery Powder / गुड़ पावडर , 1200 Gm (3 packs of 400 Gm)

Jaggery Powder / गुड़ पावडर
Jaggery Powder / गुड़ पावडर Jaggery Powder / गुड़ पावडर Jaggery Powder / गुड़ पावडर
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Earth Food’s Chemical Free Jaggery Powder is produced from chemical free sugarcanes cultivated in farms spread across India. Derived from the process of evaporation of raw sugarcane juice without separating the molasses from the crystals, the final processing is done without using any toxic and harsh chemicals. Post processing the jaggery powder is sun dried naturally. This is spread for cooling and immediately packed airtight to keep the nutrients intact. Health and hygiene being the prime focus and our team of professionals ensure high-end procedures and standards are adhered to for maintaining the product quality, handling and packaging.


Jaggery powder retains trace minerals and vitamins, hence is a healthy and traditionally considered as a nutrient rich sweetener. It is a perfect alternative to refined sugar produced using toxic chemicals

Jaggery Powder a potent sweetener is preferred as a better option over Sugar to be added in fresh fruit juices, lemonades, cookies, chocolates, cakes, fruit bars and many more.

Daily consumption of Jaggery Powder adds mineral nutrients like Iron, Calcium and Phosphorous, Vitamins and Calories


Try as an alternative to Sugar for sweeting the beverages and preparing sweets with Earth Food Biolna Ghee