Forest Honey / शहद , 450 Gm

Forest Honey / शहद
Forest Honey / शहद Forest Honey / शहद Forest Honey / शहद Forest Honey / शहद Forest Honey / शहद
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Earth Food’s Forest Honey is extracted from the purest honeycomb of bees reared in natural and pollution free forests comprising of various medicinal plants. After extraction Honey is hygienically packed in glass bottles to retain it’s medicinal values, aroma and taste. Health and hygiene being the prime focus and our team of professionals ensure high-end procedures and standards are adhered to for maintaining the product quality, handling and packaging


Forest Honey reduces/ eliminates seasonal allergies. With medicinal values, Forest Honey counters throat inflammation and also helps in reducing blood cholesterol. Forest Honey keeps the skin youthful and with it’s enhanced anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, treats dandruff. Forest Honey enhances immunity, boosts energy and improves digestive system


Try with cinnamon and warm water to have better weight loss results. Can be mixed with Earth Food Turmeric Powder and Bilona Ghee for countering throat infections