Quinoa Seeds

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Quinoa seeds is the superfood that throws a punch of nutrition with a whole lot of taste. Rich in manganese, dietary fiber phosphorus, this is a gluten-free staple food that should be a part of a healthy diet. EARTHFOOD’S Quinoa Seeds are processed and created using the best practices and resources to retain maximum goodness with minimum intervention. Revolutionise diet, one healthy quinoa seed meal at a time.

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About Quinoa Seeds

‘The Gift of Gods,’ ‘Mother Grain;’ Quinoa seeds have been referred to by many names throughout the ages, each apt to define this superfood. Rich in dietary fiber, protein, B vitamins, minerals, and a whole lot of other nutrients, Quinoa seed cultivation started in Northwestern South America but spread to more than 70 countries over time, including India and Kenya. 

EARTHFOOD’S Quinoa Seeds can be used in an array of recipes to enhance their nutritional aspect and have the capability to turn your lifestyle around, for good. Let your gut feel the goodness despite the erratic external and internal factors.

    The many benefits of Quinoa Seeds

    • Aids weight loss
    • Controls blood sugar levels
    • Lowers cholesterol levels
    • Improves fertility in women
    • Helps with migraine
    • Repairs body tissues
    • Clears air passages
    • Strengthens teeth and bones
    • Reduces stress
    • Prevents ageing
    • Treats dandruff
    • Promotes hair growth

    How to use Quinoa Seeds for optimum health?

    Cook quinoa seeds just like rice and have it with your favourite gravy. It’s a filling and fulfilling meal

    Add quinoa seeds like a seasoning to your salad and enhance its goodness

    Make a porridge out of quinoa seeds. It is a complete breakfast in itself, giving you all the requisite nutrients

    Why EARTHFOOD’S Quinoa Seeds?


    Rich in amino acids

    Good for vegan diets

    High protein content

    Hygienic process

    No pesticides and chemicals

    Rich in antioxidants

    Sustainably sourced

    How are EARTHFOOD’S Quinoa Seeds Processed for you?

    EARTHFOOD’S Quinoa Seeds are processed and packaged using the best industry practices so that you get the best quality superfood for an enhanced quality of life. Here’s how we process this warm-weather food for you.

    Step 1:
    The best Quinoa plants are identified and our team of experts then plucks the seeds when those have dried out and the moisture content goes below 10%.

    Step 2:
    The seed heads are then threshed from the chaff and winnowed to remove any husk. The seeds are dried completely so that there is no further germination.

    Step 3:
    These dry seeds are then traditionally processed to remove any pericarp and bitterness.

    Step 4:
    The resultant seeds are packaged and delivered to your doorstep for usage.

    Frequently asked questions

    Q1. Are quinoa seeds suitable for a gluten-free diet?
    A. Research has proved that quinoa seeds are a good gluten-free option to replace other ingredients such as potato, corn, rice or more and it is known to enhance the antioxidant and overall nutritional value of the diet. Quinoa seeds are a great option for those who are gluten intolerant.

    Q2. Can quinoa seeds be a healthy replacement for white rice?
    A. Usually, while replacing white rice, people usually pick brown rice. However, quinoa seeds can also be a healthier option. Like brown rice, it is gluten-free, rich in fiber and minerals and eases digestion. The best part is that it can replace rice in almost all the recipes. Further, it can also be used as a salad seasoning and even as an individual porridge for breakfast.

    Q3. How much quinoa seeds to consume in a day?
    A. Usually, experts recommend half to one cup of quinoa per meal. However, you can alter the quantity depending on who is consuming it, a child or an adult. Also, if you have allergies or are undergoing any treatment, consult a doctor before getting started with a quinoa diet or replacing rice or any other component of your diet.