Mustard (Rai)

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EARTHFOOD’S chemical-free Mustard seeds can be used extensively in Indian kitchens, in their whole-seed or powdered form due to its taste enhancing and nutritious qualities. Obtained from chemical-free mustard plants, the aroma and the pungency of the mustard seeds come from the essential oil sinalbin, making it instantly recognisable amongst other spices. Add its medicinal qualities to the mix, and mustard becomes one of the most important spices in Indian cuisine culture. 


  • Have anti-inflammatory properties 
  • Help in controlling blood pressure levels
  • Rich in omega 3 fatty acids, calcium and manganese, which provides relief to people who suffer from rheumatic arthritis
  • Help in maintaining body physique and metabolism
  • Maintain the body digestive system
  • Keep the body skin hydrated, slow the ageing process and also help the body fight infections
  • Reduce the chances of an asthma attack
  • Contain Vitamin A, which helps maintain hair