Mr. Nilesh Palresha

 At the young age Nilesh holds the responsibility of being Executive Director at the VTP Group. He is the man behind VTP foods and his plan is to provide fresh and best quality of vegetables and fruits to the people. Also plan is to linkage own farm and farmers group to the Pune market initially and then replicate model in other areas of country. He believes in professionalism and introduced cooperative farming in organized way. Concept is to achieve close to Zero wastage and contribute in nation building. He has worked with great enthusiasm for the past six years and has a major role to play in the growth and success of the Construction Materials and Real Estate sectors of the group. Nilesh started gaining knowledge and experience at VTP soon after completing a Master's degree in FMB and has focused on the quality of growth of the company ever since. Young at heart, Nilesh likes to kick off some steam through cricket and badminton. The sportsman in him makes him a true team player. He focuses on all the aspect that make VTP food not just one of the top brands, but more importantly the most trustworthy brand in the next 3 years. He firmly believes that when a buyer spends his hard earned money to purchase a food, they deserve nothing but the very best quality which contribute to healthy and happy life.