Immunity Booster Pack of Bilona Ghee 250 ml, Forest Honey 350 g & Turmeric Powder 200 g. (Jaggery Powder 200 g FREE)

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The immunity booster comes with a gift of purity, natural sweetness and antiseptic aroma in form of Bilona Ghee, Forest Honey and Turmeric Powder. Adding health, wellness and flavours in your daily meals/ diets. What's more you get a pack of Jaggery Powder for FREE

Bilona Ghee 250 ml

Forest Honey 350 g

Turmeric Powder 200 g

Jaggery Powder 200 g (FREE)

> Boosts vitality and increases immunity

> Enhances immunity, boosts energy and improves digestive system

> Good for joint and muscle pain

> Boosts resistance against infections and increases immunity

> Enhances memory and strengthens the nervous system

> Counters throat inflammation

> Considered best to counter cold and cough

> Traditionally considered as a nutrient rich sweetener

> Keeps the cells healthy and the skin youthful

> Keeps the skin youthful

> Aids Digestion

> Prevents free-radicals

> Dissolving the toxins

> Reduces/ eliminates seasonal allergies

> Considered best antiseptic

> Acts as a detox and flushes nasty toxins from the body

> Aids Digestion

> Helps in reducing blood cholesterol

> Helps to clear skin infections/ diseases and promotes overall wellbeing

> Prevents constipation and aids digestion