Bilona Ghee

Derived from the A2 milk of rare indigenous cows, this ghee is created using a traditional approach that had been buried under technological advancements for years. It’s a chemical-free and cruelty-free concoction, wrapped in the...
Rs. 1,600.00

Jaggery Powder

Mainly used for consumption in the Indosphere, jaggery is a traditional sweetener. It is a concentrated by-product of sugarcane, even palm or date sap at times, created without separating the molasses and crystals.  Jaggery Powder...
Rs. 297.00

Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut...

100% natural, unbleached and cold-pressed, EARTHFOOD’s Virgin Coconut Oil is versatile and can be used for body, hair, and skin. The coconut oil formulation is non-sticky and manufactured using minimally-invasive methods to reverse the damage...
Rs. 299.00

Asafoetida (Hing) Pure

Asafoetida is derived from the Persian azā, meaning ‘resin’ and Latin foetidus meaning ‘smelling.’ Together, it is a strong reference to the sulfurous odour it emanates. It is used in a variety of Indian cuisines...
Rs. 600.00
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