Bilona Ghee / बिलोना घी , 250 ML

Bilona Ghee / बिलोना घी
Bilona Ghee / बिलोना घी Bilona Ghee / बिलोना घी Bilona Ghee / बिलोना घी Bilona Ghee / बिलोना घी Bilona Ghee / बिलोना घी
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Earth Food’s Bilona Ghee is prepared by boiling raw and unprocessed cow milk up to a temperature of 42 degrees. This is later fermented into curd overnight in a clay pot. The ancient and most hygenic hand churning method with a wooden churner is used to convert the curd into cultured butter i.e. Makhan. Lastly we use mild cow dung cake to generate natural fire and boil the cultured butter (makhan) in thick iron vessels to derive the purest form of ghee keeping the vital nutrients intact.

Cow’s Lifestyle: Our Bilona Ghee is derived from milk produce of the highly immune, healthy and rarest breeds of Indian native cows. The cows live in a very calm, soothing and comfortable environment - free from any type of cruelty. They openly graze in the lush green fields and are given Ayurvedic herbs. Skilled caretakers carry out the milking activity carefully with hands, during specific time of the day and only after the calf is fed.

Health and hygiene being the prime focus and our team of professionals ensure high-end procedures and standards are adhered to for maintaining the product quality, handling and packaging.


With utmost care taken to derive the purest Bilona Ghee, it assists in digestion and absorption of vitamins, boosts vitality and increases immunity, keeps the cells healthy and the skin youthful, helps in dissolving the toxins, enhances memory and strengthens the nervous system.


Ayurveda recommends ghee produced from this method as no other milk by-products are extracted. Bilona ghee has natural healing properties with no side-effects and it’s consumption promotes good health, positivitiy and an overall feeling of well-being.