Bilona Ghee and Jaggery Powder , 700 g

Bilona Ghee and Jaggery Powder
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Purity and natural sweetness is bundled for you in the form of Bilona Ghee and Jaggery Powder. Adding health, wellness and flavours in your daily meals/ diets

Key Benefits:

Bilona Ghee Jaggery Powder
> Boosts vitality and increases immunity > Boosts resistance against infections and increases immunity
> Enhances memory and strengthens the nervous system > Traditionally considered as a nutrient rich sweetener
> Keeps the cells healthy and the skin youthful > Prevents free-radicals
> Dissolving the toxins > Acts as a detox and flushes nasty toxins from the body
> Aids Digestion > Prevents constipation and aids digestion 
> Absorption of vitamins > Loaded with antioxidants and minerals