Not gold and silver bars.

  • Jul 29, 2016
  • By earth food

However rich you are, when you are famished you need good food to satiate your appetite. A menu of gold and silver is still unheard of.

Healthy eating is a great start to a healthier life. But apart from eating good food the concern should also be eating quality food. By quality we mean, food that is safe and high on nutrition.

If you are health-conscious, like 46% of your fellow Indians are, earth food is the way to go.


Let’s face it.
Who doesn’t want to stay young forever?
The recent studies have shown that the antioxidant capacity in earth food reduces premature aging. And also, the risk of cancer, heart disease and vision problems. Choosing earth food can considerably increase intake of nutritionally desirable antioxidants and reduce exposure to toxic heavy metals. This means, the foreign chemicals are not negatively interacting with the different vitamins, minerals and natural compounds that are so essential for the positive impact of fruits and vegetables.


74% of consumers in India tend to read labels.
The other 26% are you listening?

What goes into earth food is more than what a label can describe. But nevertheless, it’s a good start. Earth food is nutritionally-denser. According to a review, earth food has more nutritional superiority than its conventionally-grown counterparts. From farm to fork there’s no loss of vital vitamins, minerals and nutrients when the food is delivered. This way it boosts your immune system and makes it robust enough to fight occasional viral fever and bouts of cold and cough.


Want to flaunt a stronger, energetic body?  
Start from the inside, not outside.

When it comes to quality of food, it’s the same philosophy. Garbage in, garbage out. Earth food is rich in value as it’s minimally untouched by human hands. Hence, the vegetables and fruits are as fresh as they were produced till they reach your kitchen platform. Regular intake of earth food makes sure your system is not bogged down, you don’t feel tired and you are not at the risk of regular disease and illness. In fact, it keeps you fresh, strong and energetic from inside. Doesn’t mean you start flexing your muscles. For that, you have no choice but to hit the gym.


Try it as it’s tastier than most junk food menus.
An occasional cheat day is okay.

Earth food is grown in a natural way. Your brain tells your body to eat partially based on the nutrients it receives. So, it may not taste as good if you're accustomed to the addictive qualities of junk food additives, such as processed sugar and MSG. But after just a short time of your body experiencing truly healthy food, you'll be craving it. No, really, you will. And all the junk food will start having a bad after-taste.


So, next time you visit the market, ensure you pick up something safe and healthy for yourself and your loved ones. 


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